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Today marks a monumental chapter in our journey. We're beyond excited to introduce you to the Beta launch of Webprints, a platform crafted with a clear vision: to democratize manufacturing.

The Webprints Team includes Co-founders, Waldo Broodryk (CEO) and Kenny Krosky (CTO), we have bootstrapped this project and worked with the Forge Studio Team to create the Product Design. Our dedication and unwavering belief in the potential of additive manufacturing have been instrumental in bringing Webprints to life.

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Why Webprints?

In a world where creation knows no bounds, additive manufacturing stands out as a frontier waiting to be brought to the masses. Webprints is not just a platform; it’s a thriving ecosystem where creators, educators, and enthusiasts converge to create, share, explore, and even license their 3D innovations.

Before today, existing platforms for 3D file sharing & education have become buggy, slower, overrun with intrusive advertising, difficult to navigate, taking too large a share in profits for creators who are selling commercial license subscriptions, adult-themed, or are brand specific to certain 3D printer companies.

Leveraging our experience from roles at Webflow, Adobe, and Microsoft, Kenny and I recognized an opportunity to create a faster, more welcoming, and safer platform for creators of all ages. We're also developing Webprints University to offer educational resources and community-driven content on additive manufacturing and 3D modeling.

What Can You Do on Webprints Beta?

  • Create your Webprints Profile: Customize your profile to reflect your creator persona and showcase your 3D marvels.
Custom Webprints Profile
  • Share with the World: With support for 3D models and printing files, you can now upload and share designs with STL & GCODE previews, making it easier for fellow creators and enthusiasts to admire and understand your creations.
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  • Safety First: We’ve woven a safety net into our platform, and our Terms & Conditions. Webprints is built with robust content moderation features to ensure a positive and respectful community experience.

But Wait, There’s More to Come!

We're here ot build the best possible experience, and have a several updates coming soon:

  • Organize with Ease: Bookmark and create collections of your favorite projects.
  • Additional Profile Customizations: Because your digital space should be as unique as your creations.
  • Comments: Communication is key.
  • Webprints University: Learning about 3D printing, modeling and additive manufacturing should be fun, inviting, and community driven.
  • Webprints Classroom: An area of our platform for educators and STEM programs looking to personally learn about and introduce the world of 3D printing to their classrooms.
  • Protect Your Creations: Password protection for your content is on the horizon.
  • Earn from Your Passion: Monetize your designs with license subscription tiers, one-off purchase options, and more.
  • Migrating Made Simple: If you're coming from platforms like Thingiverse & Printables, we're working to make it easy for you to bring your content over.

We Want to Hear From You!

At Webprints, we firmly believe in building product experiences with and for our community. Whether you’d like additional features, or if you find any bugs, we want to work together to improve the experience for everyone. Our main request is that we all Dream Big about what experiences we’d like within Webprints as a product & service.

Webprints aspires to be more than just another platform. We aim to build bridges, spark collaborations, and support additive manufacturers and modelers with a platform built for us to go from hobbyists to thriving businesses.

We're on the cusp of something transformative, and we'd be honored for you to join us on this voyage. Here's to creating, sharing, and innovating the world of 3D!

Stay tuned for more updates and, as always, happy printing!
Thank you!

The Webprints Team
Waldo, CEO & Founder
Kenny, CTO & Founder

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